Wednesday, 17 August 2011

What you have all been waiting for!

Right so the reason that i said about what David Rutter said was because the 2 free Gold Premium packs can provide you with a great advantage in the start up of this game... Im not talking about recieving 2 packs and it being life changing because the chances of getting someone 85+ are tiny but what if there was a way to not just 2 Premium Gold Packs but more like maybe... 10 or 20 Free Ultimate Team Gold packs, I expect i am getting you quite interested at this point and rightly so as this is a 100% do-able, legal and best of all easy way to get that Ronaldo or Messi that you spend a fortune trying to get in last years Ulti...!

Okay so this method requires a bit of time and dedication and if you have both of these then perfect.
Start this method by simply creating as many user accounts on your PS3 (360 also if this is possible?), and on each of these accounts you must create its very own PS online account/gamertag, simply do as you did when you first registered by signing up, the information doesnt have to be completely valid just ensure you provide an email address with a valid ending i.e. as this will be asked for again when you sign up for your ea account.

Once you have created as many accounts as possible remembering each account amounts to 2 premium gold packs with a value of 7500 coins each, so i would certainly recommend doing a good few as this will amount to better chances of a RARE player and some pretty darn good stuff, also incase you didnt know the first couple of days are the best times to get those big players! This is because they are all out there awaiting to be collected whereas as the game gets older there are fewer released therfore making it more difficult to get them.
Moving on... once you have an account ready to sign into you must do just that and start up fifa 11. When it starts your have to go through your initial signing up process as you did before when you first started playing the game, enter the email address you used previously and a password of your choice, it would be a very smart idea to write down all of your login details so far as they will later be required.
When you have signed in and you are at your arena go into your ultimate team account and recieve your welcoming gift of 20-something world class bronze players, set up your team now however you want it and start a single online match...
Now that you have finished this game and it has been recorded as a win loss or draw you must then leave this account and re do this entire process for each and every account you wish to recieve the free packs on. Easy as that!

Things to remember... always write down your sign in ID'S/email addresses and passwords as when the new game is released all you have to do is insert the Fifa 12 disk and click on Ultimate Team like before and you will given your 2 FREE Premium Gold Packs, once you have done this anything you want to keep you can easily enough trade over to your usual account which will also have 2 packs awaiting your call, if you need any help trading cards from account to account then please comment and i shall get straight back to you. This method can make you a million coins on Ultimate team just depends on how lucky you are on the day.
Another thing to remember is this does indeed take quite a while to do but if you are as dedicated to the fifa franchise as myself and you do indeed want Messi or Ronaldo then im sure this will be a great help to you and will most certainly be a great start to the new game... Many thanks for reading please comment and follow if this has helped, many updates with tips and tricks to come shortly. Daren


  1. Yes I have heard this one before but have never done it because I know it sounds strange but to get a couple of really good player straight away would just take away some of the enjoyment of struggling if you know what I mean. Good blog mate considering it has just started. My website which is already ranked in google after 4 days is and im going to make it the biggest tips site full stop. If you ever need a guest poster I'll be happy to write you something. Check my site out and let me know what you think, no tips as of yet as im waiting for the fifa 12 to reveal itself!!!

  2. You sure this will work. I would think this would go via the online code or something.

    I'm a fifa noob though..

  3. This is guaranteed to work my friend and fifa do know about this yet there still giving away the free packs...strange but yeah takes 10 mins most to make an account then play a game so if you want them players do it and your soon have 30 fifa 12 ultimate team packs to open!, thanks for asking, daren

    Then you probably need additional coins!
    Check out FUT Millionaire.