Wednesday, 7 September 2011

THE YEAR OF ULTIMATE TEAM by guest poster- Warchild

For all the Fifa fans who have not played Ultimate Team before this is the year you may well do, for this year Fifa 12 is releasing ultimate team in the box with the new game, So what does this mean for the casual Fifa fan, well for starters there are lots of Football fans who have not played much Fifa before, I have three friends alone that are preordering Fifa 12 because they have heard all about the changes and are interested in Ea's new take on things. Secondly from the moment you boot up the new game it will have ultimate team on the menu which is going to tempt people to have a go, How do I know this?, well I myself did not play Be a Pro until Fifa 11, I just didn't fancy it and then it just seemed a little easier to get into with Fifa 11, and you know what I loved it.

The best thing about the new ultimate team is that because there are going to be so many more people playing it, it means the market is going to be packed with offers, this means for all you traders out there, there will be ample opportunity to make millions of coins, trust me there are people out there that know more about football than me and people who beat me 5-0 on Fifa 11 but I can still trade and make lots of money and if I can then so can you. So I guess you want a few tips before you play ultimate team on Fifa 12, well I'm not officially releasing any tips until I have trawled through the new markets and done research but there are some tips that remain true no matter what version of Ultimate team you are playing.

The 59th Minute Rule
This started out as a secret between me and a few thousand people, unfortunately it got out and now most people know about it, this tip is great in the first 3 months of a new ultimate team market, basically you put in some search details and a min BIN of around 150 then you scroll to the hour mark, this can take some time so narrow down the time by adding extra search functions like what position etc. Get to the hour mark and then hang around there for a bit, you will be surprised what people put up at low prices, sometimes it is an accident on their part. The best one I got was Lucio who was worth around 30k at the time, I picked him up for 3500.

Always add one, why?, because some people are just too lazy to look for the best buy and if it is a matter of only a couple of thousand coins then they will always go BIN so they can avoid missing out on someone, make sure you make profit but don't be the most expensive as you will not get a sale. Do your research on the player your selling.PLEASE do this as it makes it easy to price your player and make profit.

Identity Parade
This is an easy one and surprisingly does work every now and then, it might be called cheating but I call it not concentrating on the part of the buyer, I wont go into too much detail about players as this one isn't well known, but you find two players that play for the same country and the same league and even the same team, they need to kind of look alike and be playing in the same position, Price them at the same price as the better guy,now when someone does a search for a specific nationality in that specific position, they are going to get maybe 40 or 50 of the same looking card up for sale, you will be surprised how many people see a slightly cheaper price and just hit BIN before they have even realised, I put up a cheap Spanish CF in amongst a load of David Villas and priced him at 80k when he was only worth around 8k, somebody brought him because in their haste they thought they had got a cheap David Villa, to prove it wasn't a fluke I did it again the following day, doesn't always work and you do need patience.

Happy hunting people, look forward to seeing you guys on fifa 12 ultimate team and please do support Daren's blog as he has a lot to offer fans of the game, for any more hints or tips be sure to check out

Thanks Warchild

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