Friday, 9 September 2011

Current Leader in the Competition goes to...FUTADDICT11 ! ! !

So as I've seen very little attention paid to my amazing Fifa 11 Ultimate Team Giveaway the current leader in the race to win Messi! is FUTAddict11... the contest will be judged on the date of the UK release of the Fifa 12 demo!,  the winner of this competition is the guy/girl that gets the most visitors to my blog by any means necessary... i.e. posting my link to your Facebook wall or emailing my link to all of your friends but remember that many people dont appreciate recieving advertisement for a site they have no interest in so please do choose who you let know intelligently... I shall judge the winner based on these terms on the deadline date then let everyone on the site know that day and the players shall be sent by late evening on that day! Guaranteed! I will judge the contest completelly farely as i know who has brought in what and I am NOT! guessing, so send those invites and bring in them visitors and a small word of advice is too get all of those Fifa Ultimate Team mad friends of yours to let there friends know about the site and use you as there referance...Perfect way to win this Contest! Many Thanks and your be hearing from me soon...All the best and Good Luck...

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