Saturday, 20 August 2011

Bidding Techniques Early On! Useable in ea sports Fifa 2011 Ultimate Team and 12

The first bidding technique im going to tell you all about is the 59th minute technique... this technique is simple and is most useable and affective around the time of the release of the game although it is still very much used in Fifa 2011 Ultimate Team, this is when you will find many ULTRA cheap good quality players for very cheap! To do this technique, the whole aspect of this technique is very simple and this is to quite simply put in the total amount of coins you have in the Buy it Now Maximum and put in 150 in the Buy it Now Minimum and search... skip through the many many many items until you reach the 59th minute page this could take you a long time so feel free to alter the search to more specific areas, i.e. if your looking for a great striker enter striker into your search, once you have reached the 59th minute look for the greatest BARGAINS and buy them up... the reason this works so well at the beginning of the game is because players haven't reached there potential value yet and many newbies to Fifa 12 Utimate Team sometimes believe a BIN price for Messi is appropriate at 4,000 coins... it does happen, and the final reason this works is because the majority of the players for sale have only been on for a minute so therfore no one has seen the Bargains and picked 'em up!You might be thinking well i will still have to have coins in order to perform this technique! True! but all you need to do is compete in a couple of tournaments earn a few coins within a couple of hours of starting Fifa 12 Ultimate Team your have enough coins to get to that Famous 59th minute and snatch up that Ronaldo, Messi, Villa and Messi... Completelly possible believe me...Ive done it! These are both usuable on Playstation 3 ea sports Fifa 11/12 and Xbox 360 ea sports Fifa 11/12.

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    Then you probably need MORE coins!
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