Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Team inc Messi, Xavi, Iniesta on Fifa 11 Ultimate Team

Okay so you can see my team is quite AWESOME!, this team has taken me a good few months to develop but has most certainly paid off as you can see! I am now going to explain the techniques i used to created it on my Ps3 console version...
The techniques I used are-
  • The pack trick I told you about first as in this pack I recieved many big name players i.e. Kaka, Anelka who was expensive, Lampard and more...
  • The second technique I used to build ths team was the 59th minute, I first heard about this technique on the Ea Sports fifa 2010 edition and ive been using it ever since, i have picked up bargains like Alves for 7k towards the beginning and Lampard for 30k a few months back and more...
  • Tournaments are another great way to make them MASSIVE coins in Fifa 11 Ultimate Team... every holiday i.e. St Patricks Day there will be a specially made Tournament with Big Bucks for the prize, even if you arent a great Fifa in-game playeryou can still earn this money by playing single player tournaments which is a lot easier to win!
These are the best and most used techniques by me but I've certainly got more so please comment and follow me with that small button on the right hand side of the page and I can get the quick updates coming! thanks, Daren

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