Sunday, 21 August 2011

What do you want to know?

This post is quite simply to help you the reader by answering all of your questions that I might not yet of answered in this blog... so if you have a question whether it be about ea sports Fifa 11, Fifa 12 or any of the ea sports Fifa Ultimate Team's or about myself and my own personal team ask it and I will have answered within a few hours as best as I can! Ask in the comments bar and I shall soon answer for you. By the way im on Ps3 so Xbox 360 is not my strongest area if you had any questions about consoles themselves. Many Thanks Daren.


  1. How do I transfer packs or players from one account to another

  2. Ok all you have to do is on the account you want to transfer players to you must put up 1 bronze player for every 4 players you want to trade ( I usually just stick up about 6 to be sure, but make sure you use unusual prices for example starting price of 4200 and buy it now of 8300, once you have put these up on the receiving account you must switch to the sending account and send all of the players you want to send across to the trade pile, now go to the search function and search for your bronze players by going as specific as possible and once you find them you simply go trade offer and put up all of the players you want to send 4 max per player, now get back onto the other account and script all the offer, simple :), and it isn't possible to trade packs unfortunately but any form of card can be traded however, I hope I helped

    Then you probably need extra coins!
    Check out FUT Millionaire.